The Real Deal in Handmade Soap!

Our Soap

Our focus is to maintain a rustic look and feel for our soap that reflects the natural ingredients and the down to earth skin benefits our soaps provide. Our soap takes you back to the good old days before chemical processes took over to produce soap in large quantities. Lets keep the aged tradition of soap making going the old fashioned way and keep our connections with the past.

From enjoying the feel of the velvety lather or experiencing the delightful scent, you can be assured that your skin is being looked after and nourished, while you enjoy the sensation of an age-old natural product.

It’s always the simple things in life we do for ourselves and others that can make us feel so good. So why not treat yourself or somebody else to the luxury of all-natural Tasmanian handcrafted soap.

Tasmanian Handcrafted

Paraben Free
No Chemicals
Palm Oil Free
Most are Vegan
Environmentally Friendly

What is so good about handmade soap?

Handcrafted soaps made from natural oils, essential oils and clays have not only wonderful skin benefits, but are also environment friendly. Our soap making process ensures that no chemicals remain in the end soap product. The process itself involves lye being blended with the natural oils & clays. Whilst lye is indeed a chemical, once mixed with the oils, a chemical reaction called ‘saponification’ occurs. This results in no chemicals remaining in the soap and a natural glycerin transpires.

Glycerin is a humectant which attracts moisture to the skin and protects it from further loss of moisture. The glycerin, natural oils and shea butter when combined, provide natural nourishment to the skin and do not strip skin of it’s natural oils. This is quite different to commercials soaps where the glycerin is often synthetically produced and therefore involves chemicals.

It is our pledge not to use any product in our soap that will not reflect a natural product which is one of the reasons why our soaps retain that rustic look and feel. With the vast availability of natural oils, scents and ingredients, the handcrafted soap industry is making a big come back as a preferred soap manufacturer.